Cathedral Rock


The best part of my trip to Sedona, Arizona is my hike to the Cathedral Rock. Out of all the trails I have hiked, Cathedral Rock is so far the most memorable one.

The trail is short (1.5 miles up and back) but steep. It is actually more of a climb than a hike so prepare accordingly.

Vortex’s Energy

The vortex is said to have the strongest spiritual energy where you will feel uplifted. The energy at this vortex is said to empower the feminine side. It is believed that the vortex strengthens traits such as kindness, compassion, patience, and the ability to let others need you and depend on you. For more understanding of Sedona’s vortexes, click here.

The Trail

The start of the trail is fairly easy to follow until you reach the first bluff.

reaching the first bluff is an easy hike with grand views

Once you reach the bluff, you will see grand views of Sedona. From here, the trail gets tough. You will have to climb up steep slippery slopes, but it will be worth it.

The toughness of the trail is different from my hike to the top of Vernal Fall. Coming from the bluff, there were no railways. You would have to find a stable part of the cliff to climb onto.

The toughest part is what hikers referred to as the “butt crack”.

Source: Yelp

It felt like I was on American Ninja Warrior as I made my way through the butt crack. It was very tough, but rewarding!

Source: Yelp

After passing the crack, we rested for a while at the bluff to admire the even grander views. The higher elevation is so much worth it as the landscape got vaster.

Cathedral Rock is actually referred as one of the most photographed landmarks in Sedona. However, the pictures do not give justice to the overall experience of seeing it yourself. Grab the opportunity to visit!

Due to time constraints, we only reached the first saddle. The next time I go back to Sedona, finishing the Cathedral Rock trail is first on my bucket list!

Zoomed-in photo of us at the first saddle, taken by my dad from the start of the trail.

Up until this day, I still can’t believe I was able to survive such hike climb (knowing how unfit I am). Prior to hiking the site, I had no idea of the vortex. Did I experience energy? Yes. I felt empowered; uplifted. I felt like I can go to farther and higher places. I am not a fitness junkie, but the vortex had given me some type of a mountain high, luring me to finish the trail, not minding the difficulty.

I felt connected to the mountain, to the view. It made me want to see more – not of just Sedona, but of the world.

I suddenly felt hungry; a new sense of hunger to climb more mountains, experience more activities, and admire more views.

This is why the hike to the Cathedral Rock is my most memorable hike so far. Not reaching the end of the trail did not disappoint me; instead, it made me want to engage in more escapade.

Go out and see the world,



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