Old Mission Santa Inés

Old Mission Santa Inés
1760 Mission Drive PO Box 408
Solvang, CA 93463

We started the beautiful Sunday morning by hearing mass at the Old Mission Santa Inés. It is the 19th of the 21 California Missions established from 1769 to 1823. This particular Mission was founded in 1804.

Being able to visit the landmarks of the Catholic Church in California is such an uplifting experience.

Since the Mission is full of rich history, they host museum tours. Prices are listed here.

Still pay a visit to the church even if you are not Catholic. Outside overlooks the Santa Ynez mountain ranges and a vineyard.

Fun fact: I am a sucker for benches with great views! This bench is located at El Calvario next to the parking lot.


They also keep an interior garden and a rose garden.

The place is just perfect for meditation! The lush greens, fountains, and blooming flowers gave me peace of mind.

I blame Rapunzel from Tangled for my urge to pick some flowers for my hair lol

As soon as you step out of here, you will immediately be transported to Coppenhagen. Don’t miss on my Solvang post!

God bless you,


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