City of Solvang

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City of Solvang, California 93463

To finish off our incredible camping weekend at Cachuma Lake, we headed to the Danish Village, City of Solvang.

Fun Fact: Solvang is Danish for “sunny field”. For it being in sunny California and the vineyards present, the village lives up to its name.

The ongoing drought has sadly affected the “sunny field”

You can find this view of the vineyard and Santa Ynez mountain ranges here.
From the Mission’s exit, you are immediately transported to Denmark!

Solvang features fine restaurants, bakeries, lovely shops and outstanding activities! For a full list of their establishments, check out their official travel guide.

Patricia and I couldn’t contain our excitement! Travelling to a different country together is one of our goals.
We instantly fell in love to this photogenic little town. So many photo opportunities!

Solvang is definitely on my list for wine tasting when I turn 21! The village prides themselves for their delectable wines! Click here for the full list of their wineries and tours.

How cute is this photo booth! The town’s architecture is so captivating.

Little features such as this outdoor loveseat pulled together their traditional Danish style.

Solvang Trolley hosts tours in a Honen (Danish for little hen) trolley.

We spotted these girls feeding their pet goats with milk from the Solvang Bakery! This town is full of surprises!

shamelessly fascinated

Fun fact: Patricia has a thing for pretty walls LOL. Solvang’s brick walls couldn’t have been a better spot for her.

One of the landmarks of Solvang is their windmills! They have a total of four windmills. We spotted the one on Alisal Road.


Time only permitted us to stroll on Alisal Road. I will update this post the next time I visit this quaint Danish village again.

Stay shining,


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