Cachuma Lake Recreation Area

Cachuma Lake Recreation Area
225 California 154
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Lake Hours

Cachuma Lake should be on your list for your next camping getaway.  Besides the 400 campsites they offer, you can do a multitude of activities fit for an ultimate summer camping escapade!

Source: Instagram

For more information about the campground, check my post here.


You can really get in touch with nature’s wonders at Cachuma Lake. The Recreation Area welcomes you to a pristine lake, picturesque mountain ranges on the backdrop, tall green fields, and humming blue jays. It truly is a serene escape!

romantic walks around the lake (major shoutout to my other bae for thirdwheeling love you!)
my other bae aka hiking in crime
fishing with my ROCK youth group
amidst tall green fields
field trip (pun intended lol)
soaking some California sunshine
“I’ve seen so many beautiful views, but the best one is always the one right next to me.” ❤️


Cachuma Lake is a fishermen’s paradise. They have multiple fishing stations from coves, docks to a handicap accessible pier.

You can locate their fishing stations on their map.

Boat Launch Station

The Recreation Area offers kayak and boat rentals. They have selections of single- and double-kayaks, boats for different party sizes, and tours. Check here for prices.

We originally wanted to kayak, but they did not have enough available to accomodate our big group. Instead, we rented two six-person boats for two hours.

You will pay at the store where they also sell fishing gears, baits, and licenses. Then, you will walk down to the boat launch station where an instructor will guide you.

They have a plenty supply of life vests. An instructor greeted us and gave a quick tutorial on how to manouver the engine. We all let my boyfriend, Bryan, to handle the boating.

Since we were rebellious (with permission from the instructor lol), we took our life vests off.

The ride was such an amazing experience! Two hours was not enough (at least for me) maybe because I napped on the last fifteen minutes lol.

The water was calm on some parts until you reach the windy area where waves were crashing on our boat. Freshwater splashed on us but we did not mind getting wet.

You are not allowed to dock the boat anywhere besides the docking station, or even get close to the land. Our other boat got stuck on the shallow end and took a while for them to get back lol.

I was in awe of the upclose sight of Santa Ynez and San Rafael mountain ranges! Ducks dodging our boats and diving down for fishes were also a pleasing sight.

The coolest feature we discovered was the floating restroom! You can dock your boat on the side for a quick break. We did not do it though because we thought bats were hanging on the ceiling, but they were actually just bird holes. Lol.

You can see the line that marks the normal water level. The current drought here in California is just alarming.

Hiking Trails

Source: Yelp

Besides aquatic activities, Cachuma Lake also has a variety of nature trails. We did not have enough time to check them out because of our short loaded schedule, but you can check the list of trails here.

Public Pools

Because the lake supplies drinking water to its nearby areas, swimming and other body contact activities are prohibited. If you really want to dip on the water, they have two public pools opened on weekends for only $3 per hour.

Source: Yelp

Cachuma Lake Store

Did you forget to bring eggs? Ran out of firewood? Need more marshmallows? You don’t have to drive to the city because there is a convenience store inside the area!

Source: Instagram

According to Yelp reviews, prices are reasonable. If you don’t want to squeeze yourself and feel super claustrophobic inside your fully-loaded car on a long drive (story of my life), I suggest to just buy some from the store.

Gasoline Station

If you came from a long drive, you maybe in need of gas on the way back. I don’t remember passing by any gasoline station along Highway 154. Conveniently, there is a gas station located inside the area next to the store. You can head to Solvang or Knapp’s Castle with a full tank.

Source: Yelp

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Have an adventure-filled summer,


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