Cachuma Lake Campground

Cachuma Lake Recreation Area
2225 Highway 154
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Camping Reservations

Picture waking up to the sound of blue jays amidst acres of wilderness flanked by picturesque mountains, and a glimmering lake.

My church group hosted a camping trip to Cachuma Lake for two days and two nights. We had a group campground and a yurt reserved for this adventure-filled weekend.
The campground offers more than 400 various campsites, including tents, trailers, RV areas, group areas, yurts, and cabin rentals.

Campsites vary in size depending on how large your party is. You can check the different campsites here.

Group Area Camping (Dakota Plains)

Cachuma Lake offers ten group area sites for parties of different sizes. Our group reserved Dakota Plains, which accommodates a maximum of 80 people and 20 vehicles.

It is near a large field, playground, restrooms and showers. The facility includes: five eating tables under shade trees, adjustable BBQ pit and food preparation table, fire ring and water faucet.

eating table under a shady tree
bonfire pit

My bestfriend/travel buddy Patricia and I set up our tent for glamping. We made it so cozy, warm, and well-decorated that made it hard for us to get out of it. Lol!

For the exterior, we had mason jars with tealight candles, cardboard signs, a “GLAMP” banner, and tie-dye curtains.

Unfortunately, I lost the picture of the interior. We had a full-size air mattress, thin and thick blankets, and comfortable pillows. We also hung a floral sheet as a canopy and a lamp in the middle.

We have so many ideas for future glamping decor this summer! Be in the lookout for a series!

 Yurt Camping (Oak)

A yurt is a cross between a tent and tepee. Currently, Cachuma Lake offers 7 yurts of different sizes, accommodating up to six people and two vehicles. Fees range from $60-$85 per night depending on yurt size.

Oak’s outdoor amenities: water spigot and fixed wooden table, access to lakeshore
Yurt’s amenities: lockable doors, screened windows, two bunk beds, two tower storage, electrical outlets, inside lighting and heating, and dining table

The Oak yurt is one big room that accommodates six people according to their site. You can actually accommodate more because an air mattress can fit in the center.

The balcony can also fit a tent for more sleeping space.
The view of the lake is spectacular in the balcony. It is a perfect spot to stargaze at night.
I’ve been part of my youth group,ROCK, for about four years now, and I love every single one of them!

I had such a blast at Cachuma Lake! For more of my Cachuma Lake adventures, check out my other posts!

Have a glamorous camp,


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