Fun Things to Do When Camping

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Summer is finally here in the USA! One of my favorite escapade every summer is camping. There are so much more to do other than lounging in your tent and singing campfire songs. I camped with my church group to Cachuma Lake for a fun-filled weekend. Here is a list of camping activities to try with your families/friends:

1. Compete against your camping buddies.

Get your competitive spirits on for a series of relay games! Split your party into groups, prepare games, prizes and punishments.

Before the fun and games, have each group come up with a group name and chant to pump each team up!

Here are some games we played:

Watermelon Eating Contest

Quench your thirst in the summer heat with watermelons! Line up watermelons on a table and the first person to finish their slice without using their hands wins.

Hula Hoop Pass

Split your party into groups and have everyone hold hands in a single-file line. Pass a hula-hoop down the line through each players without letting go of each other’s hands.

Donut Eating Contest

Split your group in pairs. Tie a string around the donut hole. The first pair to finish the donut without using their hands wins. 


There’s no other competition than sports! We set up a net to play volleyball. There are so many sports out there that a camping weekend will definitely not be enough!

2. Bike around the campsite.

Explore the nature and scenery that your campsite offers by biking around! Feel the breeze while getting some cardio. Check for nearby bike rentals or bring your own. Special shoutout to my boyfriend for bringing his amazing bikes!


3. Relax through fishing.

If you are camping near a lake or a beach, rent some fishing rods for a relaxing afternoon of fishing! You can then grill your catch for dinner or let them back in.

I did not catch anything (more like did not have the patience for it lol). Nevertheless, it was a great learning experience!

5. Explore the wilderness.

Get out of your cozy tent and find comfort out in the wilderness! As cliché as it is, there is nothing more relaxing than listening to the birds and feeling the breeze.


Bring yoga mats and meditate! It is so much more calming to do yoga outside the four corners of a gym, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Find a spot to just observe. I find inner peace and fulfillment with nature. Sitting out and observing is an escapade in it of itself.

6. Enjoy the campsite’s activities.

Check out the activities your campground offers. If you are camping near mountains, check for ziplining, horseback riding, or ATV riding. Surf or snorkel if you are near the beach.

Cachuma Lake Recreation Area offers kayak and boat rentals. For in-depth review of Cachuma Lake’s amenities, check out this post.


7. Nap on a hammock.

After all those fun adventures, regain your energy back in a hammock! The tent can be too warm when the sun is out so hang up a hammock under a shady tree.

8. Glamp up your tent.

If you’re up for something different, spice up your tent! Check out my glamped-up tent here.

9. Stay warm around the campfire.

Camping will not be complete without a bonfire. Roast some marshmallows for s’mores and sing campfire songs around the firepit!

Don’t forget to bring glow sticks for a glowy starry night!

Check out my other posts from my fun camping weekend.

Wishing you an incredible camping experience,


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