Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
Closed in winter

For the last adventure of our family trip to Mammoth Mountain, we took the Reds Meadow shuttle again and got dropped off at Rainbow Falls. You can hike the falls from this trail or from the Devils Postpile Monument, but we chose this trail because we went to the postpile the day before.

We saw a pair of mule deers when we entered the trail. It got me so excited!


This trail is shorter, and most of it is downhill making it fairly easier getting there. Just like at Devils Postpile, there had a lot of signs leading to the falls.


The trail is located at Ansel Adams Wilderness. There is not much shade here because most trees were burned down from the Rainbow Fire in 1992. Definitely bring lots of water because the heat is exhausting. The forest reminded me of the music video of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song.

Though the trail was short and easy, I felt a sense of accomplishment as soon as we reached the falls.


The Rainbow Falls is 101-feet high. It was so beautiful and relaxing! I wanted to get closer to it that my parents get scared the closer I got to the edge. We brought snacks and ate by the boulders overlooking the falls. A squirrel approached us, and I was more frightened of it than laying down next to 101-foot waterfall drop. Lol.

Fun fact: Squirrels make it on my top 5 things a reckless adventurer like me is afraid of. The list includes needles, horror theme parks, getting pulled over, and hospitals. My personal goal to face those fears by the end of this year (except getting pulled over). Lol, okay I’m digressing too much.


living on the edge aka giving my parents heart attack LOL

I wanted to hike down to the foot of the falls but again, we did not have enough time. It just gives me a reason to go back to the beautiful Mammoth Lakes, California!

Let me know if you have seen a rainbow falls before and where it is located. I would love another rainbow falls escapade!

Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls (but if you’re a rebel like me, go for it) ,


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