Devils Postpile

 Devils Postpile National Monument
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
Closed during winter

My family and I went to Mammoth Lakes this weekend. Our first stop, Devils Postpile. The monument gets a lot of snow in the winter time so we were fortunate enough to visit. We parked our car at the Mammoth Mountain Adventure Center. From there, we rode the Reds Meadow shuttle heading to the Devils Postpile monument.


There is a ranger stop right when you get off the shuttle. A tour guide will introduce you to the hike and give out flyers. Restrooms and water fountains are also located here.

The trail heading to the monument is fairly easy. There are a lot of signs available so you will not get lost.

You are hiking John Muir wilderness on the way there. There is a short trail to the San Joaquin River, and you can also see it on top of the trail.

The sound of the running river was so relaxing

When we reached the monument, I was so fascinated with the 60-feet basalt columns. What’s even more spectacular are the rocks that seem to be growing from the trees! Rocks naturally piled up at the bottom of the columns. You cannot climb there however. There is a trail going up the columns but we did not have time to check it out.

The 60-ft high postpile was naturally formed by basalt lava flow about 100,000 years ago. The lava eventually cooled into these long, symmetrical columns.

squad posted at postpile

It was a great hike to end our day. We spent the rest of the day resting in our cabin at the Snowcreek Resort.
Let me know in the comments what you think of this natural scenic beauty!

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