Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain Adventure Center
10001 Minaret Road
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
Check site for days of operations; Hours: 10:00am – 5:00pm

June is only a week away but snow is still present up in Mammoth Mountain.

The ski resort was extremely crowded that we parked half a mile away from Mammoth Activity Center. There were a lot of skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers. The Activity Center offers other activities such as ziplining, wall climbing, and bungee jumping in a trampoline. To experience the mountain’s adventures, we rode the Panoramic Gondola.

The ride is pricey but every penny was worth it! They have deals that includes a lookout lunch on the summit, online and combo discounts. You can check prices here. Definitely allocate some funds for the ride if  you visit!

The scenic view during the ride is breathtaking! You can see snowboarders and skiers below you, and mountains in front of you! It takes you to a halfway point where some skiers drop off. We rode it all the way to the summit of Mammoth Mountain.

There’s Eleven53 cafe, Eleven53 Interpretative Center and Explore Mammoth learning stations inside the building. Dining with a vast view of the Inyo National Forest is definitely a great idea. They have selections of sandwiches, salads, soups, and snacks.

In the interpretative center, you will see preserved animals such as bears and mountain lions, rocks, and tubes that point out the different mountains you can see from the summit. A ranger is also there to answer any questions.

The preserved animals creeped me out
Tubes pointing exactly where each mountains are

The best part is outside the building where you can see a 360 degree view above 11,053 feet! Snow was fresh and slippery so be cautious.

The view was surreal. From up top you can see pristine lakes, tall pine trees, and snow-capped alpine peaks!

You can stay as long as you want up in the summit. We stayed there for an hour just soaking in the snowy breeze and feeling the mountain high!

The ride down is just as scenic. You will never get enough of the breathtaking view.

Definitely ride the Panorama Gondola when you visit Mammoth Mountain. As frugal as I am, trust me it was worth every penny!

Aim high,


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