Kayaks on the Water

Kayaks on the Water
5411 E Ocean Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90803
Open DAILY: 9am – 4pm

My bae Patricia (AlwaysAdventuringTrisha) and I went on a Fridate around Long Beach and kayaking was our second activity.

Kayaks on the Water is a cheap fun activity where you can explore the picturesque Naples Canals. They rent out kayaks for only $9 per hour per person ($10 for credit cards), with prorated charge after the first hour. Meaning, if you were out for one and a half hours, they only charge for that time instead of two hours. They also don’t charge any deposit fees; you pay once you’re done. The only thing they require is you have to know how to swim.

They have a selection of single and double kayaks, and have plenty supply of paddles and life vests.  Before kayaking, they show you a video on safety and tips. They also make you sign a full-liability waiver and provide a map and ziplocks for your belongings.

You can paddle and park your kayak to restaurants, Starbucks, and Ralphs located at the map.

The coolest thing you can go is to the cove were moon-jellies are present! They are live jellyfish that you can even touch. They weren’t present when we went though because they are seasonal, so definitely be on the lookout when you visit!

On our trip, Patricia and I just paddled around Naples Canals, admiring the beautiful million-dollar homes. $9 took us to Naples, Italy dreaming of our Europe adventures.

You will be sharing the open water with gondolas, hydrobikes, jetskis, sailers, and orhers so make sure to keep an eye of your surroundings.

Fun fact: We almost bumped to a jet ski because we got distracted staring on some cute guys. Oops.

‘Til next post,
Nicole’s Escapades


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