Anaheim Packing District

Source: Spring Hill Anaheim

Anaheim Packing District
440 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805
Open for juice + coffee at 9am
Open DAILY at 10:30am for lunch and dinner
Bars open until Midnight

Just about three miles from the happiest place on earth is the foodie’s paradise, Anaheim Packing District.  The district consists of the Packing House, the Packard building, and the Farmer’s Park in between.

The Packing House
The Packing House is a two-story hip (i.e. hipster) urban jungle. The interior is an open-concept, urban/industrial food paradise. It makes me feel like I’m inside a greenhouse.

Inside the Packing House aka a two-story greenhouse cultivating plants and hungry stomachs


Where you can usually spot me – shamelessly laying down on the benches on the right

They have an array of restaurants (merchants as they call them). For having such a curious stomach, I am aiming to eat to every single one of them. They also have different events and performers. Check out their website for a schedule of events.

Meanwhile, check out the food places I’ve tried at the Packing House:

Crepe Coop
Georgia’s Restaurant
Hans Ice Cream

The Packard Building

Across the Packing House is the Packard Building. Quick history, it was actually built way back in the 1920s to house car showrooms. Now, it is where the infamous Umami burger is located, as well as the Anaheim Brewery.

Check out my blog post featuring the Umami Burger.

The Farmers Park

The Farmers Park connects the Packing House and Packard Building. Every Sunday morning, it houses a farmers’ market. It also hosts different events such as a commUNITY yoga starting in May, outdoor movies, Halloween parade float viewing, and the German Christmas Market.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve visited the Packing District. What is your favorite food stop?

‘Til my next post,


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