Umami Burger


Umami Burger
338 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805
Hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Umami Burger has to be one of my top gourmet burger places. They have numerous joints in 4 different states, 15 of which are in Southern California. I have visited Umami three times so far, all at Anaheim Packing District.

This branch is located at the historic Packard Building of the Anaheim Packing House District.

Fun fact: The Packard Building was built in the 1920s as a car showroom.

The first time I went there, we sat outside because the smell of alcohol made me nauseous. It was not like that all the time though, since I sat inside on my last two visits.

The bar in the middle of the restaurant’s rustic interior

They serve 10 different gourmet burgers, all of them are mouthwatering. My personal favorites have to be the truffle burger with fried egg, and the manly burger.

Personal favorite: truffle burger with fried egg (but that grease, tho!)
Another favorite: Manly Burger

On this day, I went on a lunch date with my mom and my brother. He got the manly burger, and my mom ordered the throwback burger. I got a truffle burger with fried egg, and it was divine! Of course, a trip to Umami would not be complete without truffle fries on the side.


To celebrate my 20th birthday, I took my boyfriend for the first time to Umami. Just as most first comers, he ordered the Manly Burger. I tried the sunny side/truffle especiale burger. Again, we had truffle fries on the side. To my surprise, Bryan did not like the Manly Burger because of the bacon lardons. Surprising, right? He devoured the truffle fries instead. I will definitely make him try the truffle burger next time.

The sunny side did not have as much of the truffle taste as the truffle burger. The flavor of the aragula stood out the most. It was good, but the truffle burger is still unbeatable for me.

Definitely check out Umami Burger when you’re near one! Let me know you’re personal favorite.

Also, check out my post on the Packing District!

‘Til our next food trip,

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