Getty Villa

Getty Villa
Wednesday–Monday 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Closed Tuesdays
17985 Pacific Coast Highway
Pacific PalisadesCA 90272

 I spent a fridate with my friend Renee to Malibu, and our first stop was the Getty Villa.

It is one of the two locations of the J. Paul Getty Museum (Getty Center being the other, which I have yet to visit). Quick history, it was opened by the oil tycoon J. Paul Getty to exhibit his collections of Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities. I am actually not a history person, but the Roman-style architecture fascinated me.

Welcome to my backyard… of my dreams.
The pool/fountain did not have water in it but the blue paint gives the illusion that it’s filled in pictures
To both sides of the fountain/pool are these fascinating hallways (for the lack of an articulate artful description lol)
At the end of the pool leading to the other side of the villa
The other side of the villa with more exhibits in various rooms
The doors heading to the amphitheater -they were so heavy that it was such a struggle to take this picture

  They also maintain an herb garden. However, I visited during off-season so the vines were empty.

Herb garden during off-season
Since the Getty is right by the Pacific Coast Highway, the ocean view from up top is enchanting.

The best part of the museum? Admission is free! We just had to reserve tickets on their website, or via phone call. The only fee we had to pay was parking for $15.

Comment down below what you think of the villa!

‘Til our next escapades,


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