Thousand Steps Beach

Thousand Steps Beach
31972 Pacific Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Hours: 5am – 9pm

The Travelling Trio went to Thousand Steps Beach for the first time, and it was one of my most favorite moments with the baes. Patricia, of AlwaysAdventuringTrisha, just got out of surgery so we went on a little adventure to celebrate life!

It was quite a mission to find the location. The sign was so small that we did not spot it from inside the car. There are no designated parking spots so we parked on the streets. The stairs were crowded with fit junkies going up and down. I felt so out-of-shape walking next to them! The steps were not really a thousand, but they sure felt like it!

We went on Super Bowl Sunday so the beach was pretty much empty. The beach itself was clean, and the sand was fine. We were there to check out the cave though. The walk to the cave was long, but definitely worth it! We ran out of breath by the time we got there, but at least we got our cardio for the day lol.

Cave during low-tide

We went early in the morning when tides were low. Definitely check out the tide forecast if you’re planning to go in the cave. They did not have lifeguards present this time that we went, but lifeguards stopped us from going there the second time because of the high tide.

The travelling trio

We set our camera on top of a rock to take these pictures. It’s always a photoshoot when I’m with the baes!

We then crossed the cave to get to the other side. I definitely recommend wearing water shoes because it was rocky and slippery. You can see the view of Laguna on our right.

Aaaah, this picture is life! I fearlessly went up of that rock formation to take a mermaid shot. Diane captured the waves, perfect timing!

We spent the rest of the day soaking up the sun and taking pictures! Can’t wait to create more memories with the baes this summer, and we’ll definitely share them to you.



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