El Matador State Beach

El Matador State Beach
32100 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA 90265

El Matador State Beach has to be my favorite beach in Malibu for its breathtaking views and gorgeous rock formations. It is a hidden gem in Malibu’s  21-mile strip of ocean beauty.  If you’re driving down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), you can easily miss the sign, which makes it less crowded than other beaches in Malibu. From the entrance are few parking spots blufftop, which costs $8. As frugal as I am, I asked my friend Renee to park along PCH instead. Porta potties are also located at the parking lot.

To get down to the beach, you have to walk down a cliff. It’s not a hard path, but still be cautious. The view from up top is surreal – cerulean ocean, clear blue skies and birds resting on top of the rocks. Once you get down the cliff, you’ll reach the stairs going down the beach.

Right away, you’ll see the rock formations. During low tide, you can actually go inside the caves. When we went, waves were crashing in the caves so it was not safe to go inside.

A beach day will not be complete without a mermaid shot! There were actually some people who would go above tall rocks to lay down their mats. This mini rock will do for me lol.

Like I said, it was not safe to go in the caves when we went so I was on the edges and would run back when the waves were approaching. It was a perfect place and day to shamelessly let out my inner 6-year-old!

This beach is not ideal for swimming, however. There are a lot of seaweed, waves are strong, and there is no lifeguard present. I would, but always do with caution.

Renee and I laid our beach towels, ate our packed lunches, and enjoyed the sunshine.

‘Til our next adventure,


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